The purposes of my writings

To give truths and practical truths to those who seek learning.

Another purpose: To make you love wisdom so you will recognize it anywhere.[1]

Doctrines of life

By practicing a doctrine of life, you will discover what it is.

My blog: Not all posts are the same, given the doctrines of life to which they correspond (some belong to Judaism, others, to Christianity and others are mixed. Apropos of Judaism and Christianity: By not doing to each other what they hate, Jews and Christians live in peace.).

The geometry behind my writings

Aphorisms are, sometimes, like essays, but smaller.[2]

To understand what I write

Identify the themes of the learning that I give you and arrange it by its themes.[3]

[1] Jesus, the son of Sirach.

[2] Benoît Mandelbrot.

[3] Ilie Pârvu.



Gustave Doré, King Solomon in Old Age, 1866

For the Ecclesiastes, as one thing is a vanity, all things are vanities; and what justifies his induction is this: He searched out by wisdom everything that exists under the sky.